Last week, the esteemed Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao hosted the transformative 64th ESReDA Seminar and Doctoral Workshop, an event that brought together leading minds from academia and industry to explore the frontier of digital twin technologies in maintenance.

We took the opportunity as one of the sponsors to do a presentation of Buildchain Project, led by one of our digital twin expert and PI of the University of Granada, Dr. Juan Chiachio. The Buildchain project, known for its innovative approaches to integrating artificial intelligence, digital twin technologies and decentralized knowledge graphs, was a focal point, showcasing the latest research and applications that are shaping the future of digital maintenance.

The seminar and workshop featured a series of discussions and sessions that provided a comprehensive exploration of the digital twin landscape. Dr. Juan Chiachio’s enlightening presentation on Bayesian model updating, and Dr. Manuel Chiachio’s talk on integrating digital twin technology in civil engineering, were particularly notable for their depth and practical implications.

Dr. Noemi Friedman’s sessions on predictive modeling and educational frameworks further highlighted the robust capabilities of digital twin technologies to address complex inverse problems. These sessions not only demonstrated the advanced methodologies employed in Buildchain but also emphasized the project’s role in advancing digital twin applications across various sectors.

The seminar’s collaborative environment fostered a valuable exchange of ideas between participants from diverse backgrounds, contributing to a richer understanding of digital twin technologies. The discussions underscored the importance of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications, a core mission of the Buildchain project.

The event concluded with a roundtable discussion, synthesizing the key insights and future directions in digital twin technology. This gathering at the Universidad de Deusto not only reflected the current state-of-the-art in the field but also set the stage for future innovations that will continue to revolutionize industries worldwide.

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