The BUILDCHAIN project celebrated the Digital Twins workshop with high school students in Granada, within the framework of their support for the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology into education. The work session has been part of continuous dissemination, teaching students an innovative conception of Digital Twins—virtual representation of the physical system and processes.

Digital Twins is known to represent, simulate, and forecast real-world processes and is penetrating with more and more pace the numerous industries of today. The workshop introduced students to important topics such as computational building design, machine learning, and structural health monitoring sensors. All of these presented to the students a rounded overview of this transformative technology.

Participants’ feedback was very much in favor, and students left the workshop with a new zeal for digital twins in engineering. This was also the opinion of a first-year baccalaureate student, MarĂ­a: “It has been like having a crystal ball to understand the future of the building.” Likewise, Carlos made a positive remark about the potentials in construction that digital twins open for students.

This was equally reflected in the workshop from the commitment to educational excellence and innovation with which the School of Civil Engineering of the University of Granada sponsored the event.

The BUILDCHAIN project still helps create a culture of innovation and learning for current students, which will enable them to face technological challenges when they occur.

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