The BUILDCHAIN project, which seeks to revolutionize the building and construction industry through innovative digitalisation and blockchain technologies, was officially launched on January 26, 2023. This milestone was marked by the first consortium meeting, which took place in the picturesque city of Pisa, Italy, on the 26th and 27th of January 2023. The event was attended by representatives from all consortium partners, who gathered to discuss the project’s goals and objectives.

During the meeting, the partners shared their vision for the BUILDCHAIN project, outlining the various challenges that need to be addressed to bring this groundbreaking technology to the construction industry. The team also discussed the project’s timeline and milestones, highlighting the importance of collaboration and communication among all stakeholders.

The BUILDCHAIN consortium members are committed to working together to overcome any challenges that arise during the project’s implementation. As the project moves forward, we wish the BUILDCHAIN consortium the best of luck in this new endeavor.

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