The aim of this pilot will be to validate the DBL-BIM integration and the hybrid digital twin API developed, and the demonstration of its use. To this end, forced vibration test results of three tall timber buildings located in UK and Norway, made of cross-laminated panels, will be registered in the BUILDCHAIN platform. The experimental results will be provided from the Dyna-TTB project. These structures are still non-conventional buildings, due to the lack of wide experience with their structural behaviour. First, the BIM model, of at least one building, will be developed (Milestone at M8) and dropped to the established CDE (Milestone at M4). An existing tool to compute modal properties from the sensor data will be used. The computed experimental modal properties of the built structure with the BIM will be logged into the BUILDCHAIN system. The logged data will be pooled by the API developed in task T4.5 to generate the hybrid model for the three structures. From the three separate updated hybrid models we will draw general conclusion how conceptual design procedures of such structures can be improved.


The purpose of the pilot is not only the testing of the APIs developed in T4.4 and T4.5 to make a hybrid model of a structure, but also to demonstrate its use. By logging structural testing data to the BUILDCHAIN system and by using the API of T4.5, a structural follow-up procedure is created with which conceptual design procedures of non-conventional structures can be improved


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Pilot 1

"Hospital Real" in Granada

Leader: UGR

The pilot will demonstrate how the BUILDCHAIN platform will allow anticipated decision-making by autonomous execution rules....

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Pilot 2

Hospital building in Slovenia

Leader: ZAG

Databases of projects BoQs will be gathered in a standardized format so that it will be possible to perform statistical analyses...

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Pilot 3

Palazzo Poniatowsky-Guadagni

Leader: UNIPI

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Pilot 4

School buildings in Florence

Leader: UNIPI

The pilot will present the benefits of using the BUILDCHAIN platform for a large population of buildings belonging to the same authority...

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Pilot 5

Multi-storey timber buildings

Leader: SZTAKI

The pilot will demonstrate how follow-up procedures can help in the improvement of design procedures (e.g. for non-conventional building, such as tall timber buildings

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